It is my guess that most of you reading this blog are thinking about a long and successful career in the music industry. Will this site make you paranoid? Well, hopefully it will make you cautious, but will it try to discourage you from getting into the business? Absolutely not.  This is no more than a tool. It’s designed to empower you to go forward and deal from a position of strength. Ultimately, it’s your talent, passion, and determination that will push you toward a life in music, and that passion will be the beacon for your success.

Over the course of time I will address the concerns and frustrations of many in this industry -an industry once mired in corruption, but which in the last decade has traded it’s “family” ties for ones with multi-national conglomerates. The trade offs are sometimes less noticeable than one might expect.

Tomorrow’s music industry has the potential to be the most spiritually powerful business in the world.  It is my hope that this site can be part of it’s growth as the industry moves through the new millennium and on to realize the spiritual image is so realistically feigns.


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